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Ryan Henley


I have always enjoyed publications because of the combination of visual design, imagery and writing all blended together to make, what I refer to as, "dessert for the brain." And through Spaz Magazine, I hope to make a delicious festival out of those elements that I am able to conjure.

You may be wondering where the name "Spaz" came from. Well, long story short, this e-publication is named after my quirky and spaztic cat. You can read more about his history here, if you would like, but I'll try to keep this section more towards the publication.spazcat

In 2008, I had started thinking about getting back into the publication scene again because, as stated prior, I really enjoy it. Not only is it a fun and creative exercise but, for me, it is also highly entertaining. I do hope that the entertainment aspect shines through; but, be warned, my sense of humor is not always for everyone. It is what it is, though.

Throughout college, at my alma-mater THE University of Portland, I created and operated a small publication (on a varying schedule but on average a weekly publication) called The 2A TIMES.

I found it exciting to see how it grew from being subscribed to by 25 guys that were in my jurisdiction (I was a Resident Advisor for my wing of the building) to slowly having other members of the building subscribe; then members from other halls; then off-campus; networking through friends had email subscribers along the Pacific Coast, and, before long, it was read in over a dozen US States, in 6 countries, on 4 continents.

While Spaz Magazine will be different in that it has no subscription list (purely web-based). I reckon it will also be different because the quality of content. I reckon that I am probably a stronger writer now and more creative than I was in college...though maybe not? and maybe even future contributors will make for a much better production than what I put together in my spare time in college.

It is a fairly open format at this point and while I do not know where we are going on this ride, I know what direction we are heading and shall keep the course for the time being. I hope that you come along for the ride and that you have a good time too! Thanks for reading!

Take care and best wishes always.

-Ryan Henley.